Youth Assembly of the UN

 Young people in action for human rights and peace"

The Third UN Youth Assembly will take place in Terni from 5 to 7 October 2007 on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and will aim to offer young people an open, accessible and cross-country place to confront and to build an action program for the promotion and defense of human rights and peace.

I diritti umani sono i diritti civili, politici, economici, sociali, culturali, i diritti alla pace, all’ambiente, allo sviluppo umano, alle pari opportunità, alla dignità nel lavoro e ad una giusta retribuzione, da realizzare nel rispetto del principio della loro interdipendenza e indivisibilità. Lo stato sociale è indissociabile dallo stato di diritto. La democrazia sociale ed economica è indissociabile dalla democrazia politica. E' il comportamento degli uomini e delle donne che favorisce l'applicazione dei diritti e lo sviluppo positivo delle relazioni.

Today the right of young people to imagine and build "the other possible world", to "make the difference" is threatened to every latitude: From North to South of the world young people are the victims and protagonists of war, misery, environmental degradation, exploitation as well as the dismantling of social status, consumerism, image and entertainment society, labor and existential precariousness.

For years now this generation of young people has stated that another world is possible and when it says it does not think of a distant world or a future world, but in the world we all have the responsibility to build with our creativity, our desires and the our commitment, a world free from wars and poverty where dignity, social justice and human rights are at the heart of the value system that drives our choices .

The UN of young people has a concrete and real purpose: it is not the place of memory, we do not only want to know and list human rights but to draw the map of our actions and the program of our interventions in the places we visit every day and in which we are protagonists(schools, universities, territories, work, organizations ...).

The United Nations Youth will be the occasion to reiterate how much the promotion and affirmation of human rights are closely related to the emergencies that come from the youth universe. That is precisely why we will not meet to celebrate human rights but to become at the same time the name of the needs and desires and the concrete goals that will have to guide our daily action and policy at all levels.

We will build the alphabet of peace and the political agenda of human rights through the languages ​​we know and belong to more : through music, images, new media, performance, art, narrative that we will use as means denunciation and tools to act for change.

Participation from the bottom, protagonism, circularity, non-formal approach, but also listening, meeting with the actors of change in many parts of the world will be the privileged mode of this Third UN Youth Assembly.


The plenary sessions will be the place for listening and learning, while through workshops the young people will engage in defining a program of concrete actions; Terni will be the first territory to talk through the sounds, imaginings and signs of change .


As for the UN of peoples, it will cover Africa, a symbol of global justice, and the Middle East, an emblem of unresolved conflicts and the demand for peace, not forgetting that peace does not mean only the absence of war but a world where all human rights are guaranteed for everyone.


ALL HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL: is the slogan that links the United Nations peoples to the UN youth and both at the March Perugia-Assisi, the closing moment of both assemblies, and is to say that human rights are notdiscounted, it is time to globalize human rights, justice, democracy and solidarity against any war and poverty.


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