Prepare Your Kids for Life Not just for School

Many parents are looking for books to start reading so their young children will get into the habit of reading early and prepare them for reading tasks when they get to school. As their children grow, parents also look for books to learn to read more, mostly also in preparation for more challenging school work. Nothing wrong. These goals are highly acceptable considering that school is the next institution that children will go to after spending formative years at home.

Books to Learn to Live Fully

There is one more benefit, albeit more important, that books to start reading and books to learn to read can bring.  This is the power of books to prepare our kids for meaningful and joyful lives. You simply need to choose books that:

  • Teach the right values – Joyful people are those who hold the right values close to their hearts and live with them.  Give kids books that will open their eyes to how they should act, how they should treat people and how they should live lives gives value to them and to others.
  • Encourage meaningful interests – While books to start reading must be interesting to them, learn to sense what interests are waiting to be discovered. Time this right and you will expand your child’s world through libros para aprender a leer.

School Life is Secondary to Family Life

Hopefully, you are not the type of parents who think that the bulk of preparing children for life is the responsibility of educational institutions.  Choosing the best school with the best teacher means a lot. However, that is secondary only to how the family and the home environment prepares them for life on their own.

You can give them the best books to start reading and thebest books to learn to read but at the end of the day, the way you train them and teach them to be good people is more important.

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